When I was 7 years old I started fishing with my father Oscar Susarrey, a long journey pioneer and captain of the Clipper, the largest sport fishing boat in Ensenada. My first fishing trip impact my life. After that, I didn’t want to go to school anymore, but my father talk to me and he said: If you finish high school I’d lend you the money to your first boat. I finished high school and I wanted a 30 feet boat, but the money wasn’t enough, so my father told me: If you finish college I lend you the money, so I finished College and I started to work as public acounter. I worked in many companies, so in time got the money to buy the 30 feet boat I dreamed to and the sport fishing became my full time job.
Now I have a license to take private boats. I’m captain of the Lily, Lily supreme, Támara and El amigo, all boats of my own. I’m so happy to bring happiness to my customers. My Boats are ready for the best experience in your life. Please feel free to call me for any doubts or suggestions.


The "Amigo" boat

The word "amigo" means friend, because is what we make in ours trips